Tenerife Property News

Goodbye Britain 'Hola Tenerife'

A dramatic increase has been recorded in the number of people buying homes in the south of Tenerife with the intention of emigration in place of the usual 'holiday home' buyer. Research shows a 35% increase in the number of Britains buying a property in Tenerife with the intention of living on the island.

Chasing out The Cowboys

Investing in property abroad? Good news-there's a new watchdog protecting you from the market's rip-off merchants.

Siam Park, Tenerife

Europe’s most spectacular water park is has a range of attractions that takes the concept of a waterpark and zoo to a whole new level. Many visitors to Tenerife will recall happy memories of visiting Loro Parque in the North of the island, Siam Park is situated in Playa de las Americas, in the south of the island and is the sister park of Loro Park and offers many outstanding attractions.

Churches Popular in Tenerife

Many people like to visit a church when holidaying in Tenerife. Some visitors like the historical merits of the buildings, while others go to worship. Here in Tenerife, there are many denominations. Spain and the Canary Islands are Catholic nations, but there is a surprising choice of chapels for non-Catholic worshippers.

The 'Swallows' Return to Tenerife

In October, the “Swallows” fly to Tenerife and other parts of the Canary Islands for the winter. They are mostly retired professional people who have either bought a property in Tenerife or have rented an apartment for an extended visit. The benefits of wintering in Tenerife are enormous.

Education - Excellence SATS Results For English School in Tenerife

Those of you, who wish to buy a property here in Tenerife, and intend to live here with their families, will be delighted to know that education of youngsters is a high priority within the school system.
In particular, the English Private School, Wingate, here in the South of Tenerife, has achieved excellent results from the recent SATS examinations.

British 'Love Affair with Mainland Spain' Cools as Buyers Turn To The Canary Islands

As the love affair between British property buyers and mainland Spain cools, investors are looking towards other markets to fulfill their needs for affordable holiday homes in warm places. Some of these property buyers are turning to the Canary Islands, which have long tempted Brits away from the mainland. The main reason is that the weather is better.

Island Living - More Popular With The British

Spain’s popularity with British buyers is long-established. It boasts a great climate and lifestyle within close and affordable proximity to the UK, some areas still offer value-for-money property and many parts of the country are very beautiful. What more need be said?

Tenerife 'Bucks The Trend'

The respected Spanish daily newspaper ‘El Pais’, recently graphically illustrated how the Canary Island’s property market differs from the mainland. Using figures from the Spanish National Statistics Office, they charted the sale of property built since 2005. The results demonstrated just how different the Canary Islands are from the mainland property market, thousands of miles away.

UK Property Downturn Boosts Sales in Tenerife

Property buyers in the UK; many of them first time buyers are in flux following the sudden decline in the domestic market and state of the UK economy, and are showing increased interest in properties on offer in sunny Tenerife.

AIPP Raises Consumer Profile

AIPP has launched a significant campaign to heighten consumer awareness of their work and the benefit of buying overseas with their Members.

Targeted on buyers in the UK and Ireland, the Association wants to make sure that prospective buyers understand the benefits of buying with an AIPP Member.