British Fleeing Domestic Economic Troubles by Moving Abroad

A depressing reality, but huge numbers of people from the United Kingdom are moving abroadevery year seeking a better quality of life.

Shelter Offshore, have reported that as a nation, the British are increasingly concerned with issues such as the rise in crime and anti social behaviour, the increasing cost of living and for many unaffordable housing. A further report shows that Britain has the second lowest quality of life rating in Europe, rated on a variety of factors, evidenced by the fact that there has been a 30% increase in emigration since 2001. This figure is forecast to increase further as inflation rises to its highest level for 12 years. In addition the Office of National Statistics have issued warnings that essential living costs are rising at the fastest rate since records began.

Whilst its 'doom and gloom' in the United Kingdom, many people are sensibly moving to more affordable property overseas and improving their lifestyles. Spain remains a popular choice, with the Canary Islands topping the league as the perfect location for those seeking all year round sunshine. The largest of the islands, Tenerife, particulary the south of the island, is experiencing some of the highest population growths in Spain attributable to the large increase of the influx of British who are attracted by it's excellent infrastructure with high standards in education, health care and a European culture to boot.