Goodbye Britain 'Hola Tenerife'

A dramatic increase has been recorded in the number of people buying homes in the south of Tenerife with the intention of emigration in place of the usual 'holiday home' buyer. Research shows a 35% increase in the number of Britain’s buying a property in Tenerife with the intention of living on the island.

This research bears out the recent reports of 1,000 people a day leaving the U.K. seeking a better lifestyle for their families. The research shows that complaints of crime, high taxes, poor climate, the rising cost of living and the long working hours in the UK were fueling the desire for more people to move overseas.

The East European Countries (i.e. Bulgaria, Croatia) promoted as growth destinations are not likely to fair well due to the current lack of infrastructure. Tenerife remains a popular location for the British with its well-established environment for U.K. visitors and residents. This is not just in the excellent infrastructure of roads, communications and health care, but also in the availability of British culture, like excellent British schools and local newspapers and radio stations in English. Being part of the European Community means it is a straight forward procedure to obtain resident status and seek employment (or invest in your own business) and receive your U.K: pension if you are seeking to retire here. With the availability of daily flights to several U.K. airports it is a more convenient place to escape and nowhere in Europe can compete with Tenerife's climate.