More Investment for Puerto de la Cruz

The resort of Puerto de la Cruz in the North of the island of Tenerife is to receive a 12 million euros (approx. 9.58M-GB pounds) facelift.

The mayor of Puerto de la Cruz, Padron Rodriguez commented; 'Puerto de la Cruz is and will continue to be a point of reference in the search for quality and excellence in tourism and it is this objective that all current efforts are being placed'.

The mayor went on to say that in addition to the funds already available, additional funding is to be raised in order to help further develop the resort and promote tourism.

Officials have approved three different regeneration projects. These include a 'plan of impact' which will restore various buildings and infrastucture to the area. The 'viewpoint project'  is to be revamped and Martianez beach is to be renovated further in order to improve the local shore line.