Company Profile - Tenerife Royale Estate Agents S.L.

Tenerife Royale Estate Agents S.L. are an established leading independent real estate agency. Our objective is to ensure you receive the right advice and you feel confident and comfortable buying a property abroad. We believe that by delivering, impartial, professional advice we will provide you with the best possible service, which in turn means that you will feel confident recommending us to your friends and associates.

Local Expertise and After Sales Service

You have access to our expertise here in Tenerife at all times and all at no extra cost. We will over see all the paper-work and provide advice and information on all aspects of life and the culture of the Canary Islands. Should you be considering relocating to Tenerife (perhaps completely or for a few months of the year to escape the winter chill of northern Europe) you will find our personal service invaluable from organizing your health care, children’s education, or perhaps you need an English speaking vet, whatever your needs you will find us available and ready to help. Again, you need not take our word; ask to speak to our clientele.

What is A.I.P.P. (Association of International Property Professionals)

The association of International Property Professionals has been established in order to provide you the consumer with confidence and the industry professionals with an united voice.

The association does not sell property and is a non profit making organisation.

Its sole aim is to provide the standards of professionalism in the international property market, helping the industry and the public.

Thousands of people are buying overseas property; for holidays, for living or for investment.

Millions are spent each year on overseas property, particularly throughout Europe and beyond.

Consumers are left at the mercy of their own research into companies, their history, their service and their reliability.

Consumers now have a method of ensuring that the overseas property company they are dealing with is of good standing.

A.I.P.P. sets the standard within the industry which in turn improves the service to the consumer and ensures that the public understands what it means when they see the A.I.P.P. Member logo on company literature.

A.I.P.P. members have signed up to follow the A.I.P.P. code of Conduct; a code established to help consumers by showing where they will find professional companies, it is an illustration of each members's commitment to high standards in their work.

Put simply, A.I.P.P. has taken great care in selecting property professionals in whom they have confidence in recommending to you...

 How does the A.I.P.P. help you when buying property overseas?
Members of the A.I.P.P. have voluntarily committed themselves to industry regulation. When you see that a company is a Member, it means:

* A company has been vetted and approved.

* A company has submitted to industry standard training.

* A company has agreed to follow the A.I.P.P. Code of Conduct, one established to help and protect you, the buyer, by ensuring Members follow professional guidelines.

Tenerife Royale Estate Agents S.L. are full established members of A.I.P.P. with MEMBER NUMBER 100261

Bonding & Insurance

We are fully insured and licensed. Any bank, developer, lawyer, etc. we refer you to will be also be fully insured and bonded. Therefore, you can be confident you are dealing with knowledgeable, professional individuals who have the right credentials and expertise.


Due to our independent status we are able to ‘network’ with the majority of Estate Agents (licensed agents only) and property developers in Tenerife. This means that we can offer our clients an extensive portfolio of properties and businesses together with a market research service. Simply provide us with a ‘brief’ of the type of property (or commercial venture) you are seeking. We will then provide you with a comprehensive market report of the properties that are on the open market that fit your ‘brief’.

We will then ‘filter out’, the top choices based on the following formulae:
1. Best address/location for budget
2. Best presented properties.
3. Value for money.

Obviously, this research is undertaken without any cost to you or obligation, whatsoever.

New Build Properties

All new build properties and developers on display in our office are fully bonded and carry Bank Guarantees from a reputable bank ensuring the safety of your property investment.

Finance & Legal Advice

We are professional real estate agents with expertise in property and related matters. We can outline to you the legal aspects of purchasing property and provide financial guidance. However, we do not profess to be experts in all fields, therefore, we will introduce you to the manager of a number of reputable banks for independent financial services advice. For legal advice we will refer you to an independent English speaking Spanish solicitor.