Siam Park, Tenerife

Europe’s most spectacular water park has a range of attractions that takes the concept of a waterpark and zoo to a whole new level. Many visitors to Tenerife will recall happy memories of visiting Loro Parque in the North of the island, Siam Park is situated in Playa de las Americas, in the south of the island and is the sister park of Loro Park and offers many outstanding attractions.

Amongst these unique attractions is the world’s largest dragon that is now finished and ready to thrill up to 4 riders at a time with the sensation of zero gravity.The 40 metre run that leads into the clutches of the Dragon drops at an impressive angle of 45º and this force pushes riders upwards to climb the walls of a huge drum measuring 20 metres across. As the momentum builds the riders can climb up to 15 metres before reaching the point where it feels that gravity takes hold again. The monster itself was designed and created by the Italian artist Paolo Bonanno, and this ride will without doubt become the most popular attraction in Siam Park. The Dragon was specially designed with thrill seekers in mind and can’t be found anywhere else in Europe. It was a real challenge for its constructors because the sheer scale involved meant the structure was incredibly heavy. It is definitely the most eye-catching attraction as well, as the artistic touches and incredible modelling give the monster such a lifelike appearance. The enormous structure is made from over 55 tonnes of iron that form the skeleton inside, 70 tonnes of powdered marble to shape the creature’s body plus a range of other ingredients from gravel to gold, all needed to create this supersized work of art. For those who want to experience fun and excitement together with their friends and family on an unforgettable ride, the Siam Park Dragon is not to be missed.

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