British Consulate in Tenerife

British Nationals visiting or residing in Tenerife have the benefit of a high level of support from the British Consulate.

The Consulate can be contacted at:
British Consulate
Plaza Weyler 8-1
Apartado 10088
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Canary Islands

Telephone: 922 28 68 63
Fax: 928 28 99 03

Normally open to the public between 08.30 and 1400 local time (GMT).
During July & August 0800 - 1330 Monday to Thursdays, and 0800 - 1300 Fridays.

What can the Consulate assist you with?

  • Emergency: issue an emergency passport if yours is lost or stolen.
  • Emergency: Contact friends and relatives and ask them to help you with money or tickets to get home.
  • Emergency: Cash you a sterling cheque (subject to production and support of a valid banker's card).
  • Emergency: Provide you with a loan to help you return to the U.K. (You must qualify for this facility under strict Consulate rules and you must demonstrate that no one else can help you). Please note: There is no legal requirement for the Consulate to provide loans.
  • Explain how to transfer money to and from the U.K.
  • Visit you, if you have been arrested, or put in prison and in certain circumstances, arrange messages.
  • Speak to the local authorities for you. (in certain circumstances).
  • Help you make contact with local doctors and interpreters.
  • Arrange for 'next of kin' to be told of an accident or death and advise on procedures.
  • Give guidance on organisations, who assist in tracing missing persons.

What the Consulate CANNOT do for you:

  • Get you out of prison.
  • Intervene in court cases.
  • Investigate a crime.
  • Provide legal advice or commence court proceedings for you.
  • Obtain better treatment in prison (or hospital) than is provided to local nationals.
  • Pay your bills (including legal, hotel and medical bills).
  • Pay your travel costs (except in exceptional circumstances)
  • Find you somewhere to live
  • Obtain a work permit for you.
  • Find you employment.
  • Undertake any work which is normally done by a BANK, ESTATE AGENT, TRAVEL AGENT, AIRLINE, etc.