Whale watching in Tenerife

The members of staff of Tenerife Royale Estate Agents S.L. are keen preservationists and were recently very interested to hear of research into the predatory habits of a group of whales off El Hierro Island.

Researchers from Tenerife, Britain, the United States, and New Zealand studied the deep sea feeding habits and patterned of nine whales which had been previously tagged.

Blaineville’s beaked Whales, (Mesoplodondensirostris) can spend around four hours at depths of 1,000 metres in order to hunt for food.

Of all the Canary Islands, El Hierro has the deepest just a short distance from the shore, making it an ideal location to study the rare whales.

After spending such a long time in waters of 1,000 metres and more, the whales need at least one and a half hours rest between such deep dives.

Clients of Tenerife Royale Estate Agents S.L.always ask for details of trips to see the whales and dolphins, and Tenerife is rightly proud that there is so much interest for both El Hierro and Tenerife.