As Safe as Houses?

Many prospective buyers complain about British estate agents when it comes to service standards and the truth in their sales particulars. When it comes to buying a home overseas, where there is not an ombudsman to be found to report a complaint, finding a reputable agent can be even more daunting. We have all heard the 'horror stories' of good honest folk being 'ripped off' of their hard earned money by unscrupuolous agents and developers. How can you protect yourself? Enter the AIPP.

The chief executive of AIPP became more and more disheartened of hearing tales of dodgy overseas sales people and knew the overseas property market desperately needed regulation. He set up the AIPP to provide a kitemark for the industry, a body that, like the National Association of Estate Agents, would be able to investigate complaints about its member companies.

It is a non profit organisation and all members are vetted and approved prior to signing up to the AIPP code of conduct. The AIPP continues to promote its Consumer Awareness Campaign. It wants to educate buyers so that they can avoid the potential pitfalls of investing in property overseas. Paul Owens stated ' Don't think that you can do it yourself, ninety per cent of problems could be avoided if people do this one simple thing; use independent legal advice on any prospective purchase'. The code of conduct for AIPP requires that all members ensure that their prospective clients receive independent legal counsel. 'As Safe As Houses' - it can be be if you choose your agent with care and make sure they are members of AIPP.