Why Tenerife?

Ask anyone who lives in Tenerife the question ‘why Tenerife’? and you will be given various reasons. Here are some of the more popular answers:

CLIMATE: It is official. N.A.S.A. (the American Space Institute) recently stated that the climate of the Canary Islands is ‘the best in the world’. Tenerife enjoys year round sunshine, which means you can be sunbathing in January, Golfing in February and at anytime of the year enjoy an enhanced lifestyle that only a warm sunny climate can provide. No more heavy winter coats, scarves and gloves, only perhaps a light sweater for that stroll along the sea front after the beach barbeque in December. There is no ‘rainy season’ no ‘hurricane season’, just continuous ‘sunshine season’.

SECURITY: The Canary Islands although under the sovereignty of Spain has its own Government and special status within the E.E.C. This means your investment in the island, (perhaps in business or property interests), are protected by European laws. With excellent medical facilities, schools, effective law and order policing all of which provides for peace of mind for residents and visitors alike.

HOME FROM HOME CULTURE: With a growing population of 45,000 plus ex-United Kingdom citizens you have easy access to English foods, television, books, newspapers etc., and predominantly in the south of the island most of the Canarian population speak English, (however, no excuse here for not trying to learn Spanish). If you prefer the local culture, you do not have to go far.

THE ISLAND: There is more to Tenerife than the bustling tourist areas. From the highest peak in Spain at over 12,000 feet - Mount Teide with its dramatic volcanic landscapes, lush tropical forests to the sandy beaches of the south. Elegant cities and quiet villages, Tenerife is full of natural contrasts and there are vast areas of stunning natural scenery.

FINANCIAL: Cost of Living: As most holidaymakers know dining out, alcoholic beverages and tobacco are all much cheaper here than in the United Kingdom. These are just some of the lower costs enjoyed by residents of Tenerife. Add others like no heating bills, no winter clothing, council tax bills that average 150 pounds sterling per year, inexpensive road tax, much cheaper petrol, no BBC television licence etc., etc., (Note: residents will use the hypermarkets and restaurants away from the tourist areas were the savings are even more beneficial).

LOCATION: Just four hours flight from over 30 airports in the United Kingdom. Daily flights are available and you can decide at short notice to visit your family and friends (although you will probably find they will be more than keen to visit you - including distant cousins you have not seen for years).

CANARIAN CULTURE: The way of life in the Canaries is much more relaxed. People have more time for each other and there is a strong sense of ‘community’ in every village and town. When most of Northern Europe is huddled indoors escaping the cold grey weather, Tenerife starts its fiestas (parties). Each village town and city has its own fiesta (party) when the local bands, traditional singing choirs etc turn out to celebrate. The locals ‘dress up’, parade through the streets, and enjoy the carnival atmosphere with their neighbours and friends.

These fiestas can be on a small scale, perhaps in a mountain village with traditional Canarian music and local handicrafts and produce for sale - to the world class event of the Santa Cruz carnival, (second only to Rio De Janeiro), which lasts for a marathon three weeks and attracts visitors and performers from all over the world. This spectacular takes place in February/March each year.

CUISINE: Tenerife offers a huge variety of restaurants with everything from McDonalds‘fast food’ to internationally acclaimed Al a Carte restaurants. All tastes are catered for with restaurants offering authentic cuisine from French, Belgian. Argentinean, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, etc. etc., Local ‘Canarian’ restaurants are far cheaper than most other countries of Europe and if you seek out these restaurants you will be rewarded with the most memorable food and wine at extremely competitive prices.

ACTIVITIES: The choice is endless and to long to list, here are a few – Every type of water sport from scuba diving to wind surfing, big game fishing to angling, whale and dolphin watching, windsurfing to para-gliding, pedal boats to luxury yachts (moored in several marinas around the island).

On land, there are six Golf courses in the south alone, numerous tennis bowling facilities, health spas, gymnasiums and fitness centres, football and sports stadiums, horse riding (and camel riding), water parks, zoological gardens, several protected national parks with spectacular scenery, wonderful walks from a gentle stroll on the beach or country trail to mountain trails for all levels of hikers.

From nights clubs - discothèques to tea dances, from Latin American (international festival) to classical music (Tenerife Symphony Orchestra), from archaeological sites, museums, ancient monuments to space exploration, (Tenerife Astronomical Observatory) world class opera house, cinemas, casinos, amateur dramatic societies, churches of all denominations, etc., etc., the list of activities are ongoing (or perhaps just relaxing on your terrace, glass of wine in hand, on a warm winters evening, watching the glorious sunset is as active as you want to be?).

GENERAL WAY OF LIFE: Ask any resident who has relocated here if they have any regrets and the usual reply is of course yes. They wish they had made the decision to move here sooner. The climate makes you happier, you smile more, you feel healthier, you are more active and in general, you get more out of life.