Importing to Tenerife

You can import a variety of personal effects into The Canaries, including electrical appliances, pianos, bicycles, furnishings etc., once you have established residence with little formality, other than by presenting a complete inventory of your items in duplicate to the Customs at the time of clearance, signing various documents, including the signing of a paper that whereby you pledge not to sell the imported effects for a period of two years.. (The inventory should be written in Spanish and visaed by the Spanish Consul in the country of origin).

Owners and tenants of properties, which they themselves occupy for only part of the year as holiday homes, may apply for the 'duty free' entry of their used household and personal effects. Applications should be supported by the contract of sale (or lease), proof of the transfer from abroad of the funds for the purchase of the property or for payment of the rent, and an inventory in duplicate of the effects.