Health and Medical in Tenerife


Calls to this number are operated by operators who speak English, German, French and Spanish.  The operators will co-ordinate calls for FIRE, AMBULANCE OR THE POLICE SERVICE.

The Canary Islands are free from endemic disease and sanitation facilities are excellent.

Medical attention is free and first rate at the state hospitals and within the private sector for foreigners, both operating to equally high standards.

Those who are entitled to the benefits of the United Kingdom Health Service have an entitlement to receive care from the Spanish Social Insurance Scheme under the same conditions as an insured Spanish citizen.

The scheme covers treatment by Social Security doctors. In order to establish their right to such care, visitors should obtain a European Health Card (EHIC) (replacing the E111 form which is no longer valid) from their local DHSS or Post Office prior to travelling to the island. The latest simplification of administrative procedures states that a photocopy of the original European Health Card (EHIC) will be acceptable to the Social Security doctor as proof of eligibility under the Scheme.


In the event that you are in receipt of a United Kingdom State Pension and you become resident in Spain, you are entitled to receive free medical treatment in Spain (including the Canary Islands) under the same conditions as a qualified Spanish State pensioner. Should you wish to ascertain your position on this matter, you should write to:

The International Pension Centre Tyneview Park Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE98 1BA United Kingdom

If you are entitled to the benefits of the U.K. National Health Service, you will have an entitlement to receive health care from the Spanish Social Insurance Scheme under the same conditions as an entitled Spanish citizen.  The Scheme covers treatment by Social Security doctors. You should obtain a form E121 prior to your departure and consult your local DHSS office about their medical cover, possibly under form E106. Once in possession of form E121 (and with your passport) you will need to register with INSS Instituto Nacional De Seguridad Social (The National Institute of Social Security). If and when you become a resident of Spain you will need to apply for a tarjeta sanitaria europea (European Health Card) in order for the holder of this card to receive medical assistance whilst travelling to any country in the European Union (Currently: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Letonia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom) or part of the European states which includes Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.


Under the EAA agreements, reciprocal health care is available between member states within the EEC. Treatment is obviously only provided by practitioners within the Spanish health care system, (Consultorio's - Health Centres, Centro Sanitario or Ambulatorio - Hospitals and Clinics) within the health scheme. If you require a doctor in an emergency, be sure to make it clear that you wish to be treated under the EC arrangements.

As a resident of Tenerife, at the time of obtaining your residencia, (or contract of work and social Security documents via your employer) you will receive a plastic 'Credit Card' style medical card. This card will obtain the essential information and I.D. numbers required by the National Health Service, before they can give you treatment. The health care you receive will be the same as that afforded to an entitled Spanish citizen under the Spanish Health Service.

When you first receive your residencia documents, you should go to your nearest National Health medical centre and register. You will be advised who your family doctor is and where his/her practice is situated.

There are many Health Centres on the island and a number of larger 'state of the art' hospitals (three hospitals are centred on the main tourist resorts of Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos) and are renowned for their excellent health care.


There are many insurers offering a range of private health insurance schemes on the island.

All of the above procedures may appear somewhat complex, please do not be concerned, as part of our relocation service to our client's Tenerife Royale Estate Agents S:L: will ensure that the required paperwork and registrations are completed once you arrive in Tenerife.