Education and Tenerife Schools

There are plenty of private schools throughout the island; however, the majority are Spanish with their curriculae differing from the United Kingdom. The tuition at these schools is in Spanish.

You may place your child in a state school (of which there are a many) to receive a wholly Spanish education. There are private schools with education based on English, Spanish and German. The following are examples of schools that provide a general education in English:


For pupils from 3 to 18 years. 
British Yeoward School Parque Taoro Puerta de la Cruz Telephone: 922 38 46 85

For pupils from 3 to 16. 
The Trinity School Camino Montijo 16, La Carrera, Los Realejos Telephone: 922 34 54 50 Email: trinintyschool @


For pupils from 3 to 16 years. 
Wingate School Calle Mirador de las Cumbritas El Llano Cabo Blanco Arona Telephone: 922 72 01 02 Website: www

For pupils 3 to 11 years. 
The English Educational Centre San Blas 11, Golf del Sur San Miguel de Abona Telephone: 922 73 86 38 

Applying for a state school placement generally, the following is likely to be required:

The child's FULL Birth Certificate.

Keep in mind that generally in the United Kingdom birth certificates are issued in a shortened format, which does not disclose the details of the child's parents. This 'shortened format' may not be acceptable in Spain. Therefore, good advice would be to apply for a FULL Birth Certificate from the Registrar of Births and get an official translation made. You will need school reports for the child, and possibly a letter defining the level of studies from any previous schools. The reports/letters will need to be 'officially translated' into a 'convalidation of studies' for Spanish Schools. The parent(s) will need Residencia or a copy of the Application for Residencia. If the child is 14 years of age or more, he/she must possess their own Residencia or a copy of the application must be provided. The location of your address in Tenerife will have a bearing on your choice of schools.

Applying to a Private School

The requirements will vary and are generally specific to the school you choose. For current and accurate information, you should make enquiries directly to your preferred school. Private schools are 'fee paying' and are typically 1000 euros, per term, per child. There are usually three terms in each academic year. The school may request a 'convalidation' of the child's current education level, which will involve obtaining certificates, written statements etc., from previous schools and getting them officially translated.