Insurance in Tenerife

As in the United Kingdom, you must ensure you have insurance on your property abroad.

The common parts in your Community of Owners are the responsibility of your Owners Association. In many cases this insurance will also cover the buildings as well. You can obtain buildings insurance independently should you prefer.

The contents of your property are your responsibility and it is important to ensure you have the necessary cover in place to protect your belongings. You will find your Spanish bank manager helpful in providing advise on contents insurance and generally their premiums are very competitive.

In the event that you are purchasing a property with a mortgage or perhaps a property under construction with stage payments, you may wish to consider obtaining life assurance in order to protect the surviving partner from any future financial problems that he/she may experience.

We can refer our clients to companies who will provide independent advice on all insurance matters and and who can arrange all types of protection with reputable insurers at very competitive rates.