The Solicitor in Tenerife

Often, having found their new holiday home, many purchasers are eager to proceed and in their haste to become the new owner assume that by merely paying the vendor for the property that all will turn out well in the end.

There is no substitute for correct legal advice and you should engage the services of an Abogado (Spanish Solicitor) who speaks fluent English.

You should ask yourself 'would you purchase a property in the United Kingdom without engaging the services of a solicitor'. The answer is probably, no, therefore, why would you buy a property in a foreign country where property conveyance procedures and laws differ, without proper legal counsel.

Quite simply, in our opinion, an agency that states that they can undertake all the work and engaging a solicitor is not necessary should be avoided. Also, keep in mind an agency that carries out all the work is likely to create 'a conflict of interests'.

You may have heard the 'horror stories' of people who have purchased property abroad and suffered financial loss due to loss of deposits, inherited debts or perhaps defective title deeds. This is generally due to a prospective purchaser 'short circuiting' the purchasing process or taking advice from an unscrupulous, unlicensed agent or 'friend' and foolishly entering into a property transaction without the correct legal counsel.

What price can you place on 'peace of mind'?

TENERIFE ROYALE ESTATE AGENTS S. L. has links with solicitors in Tenerife who have acted for existing clients and are experts in Spanish property conveyance matters. We will be happy to recommend them to new clients.

TENERIFE ROYALE ESTATE AGENTS S.L want to make your home-buying process as easy and trouble free as possible. You will benefit from our personal service, however, we cannot avoid the fact that public contracts, deeds, forms etc. have to be drawn up in Spanish and with the support of your Spanish Solicitor and Bank Manager, together we will achieve maximum transparency and security for you.

Please be advised that regrettably, TENERIFE ROYALE ESTATE AGENTS S.L. will not undertake any property dealings with you, unless you agree to use the services of an independent Spanish Solicitor.